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K40 Antennas&accessories 4-PIN Noise Cancelling Chrome Edition Cb Radio Microphone

K40 Antennas&accessories 4-PIN Noise4 Star Rating
K40 Antennasaccessories 4PIN Noise
How To Buy The K40 Antennas&accessories

K40 Antennasaccessories 4PIN Noise happens to be a type of top quality item you can find on the web. For those who are looking to acquire a part, you've come to the ideal place. This site offers you special savings just for this excellent CB part with safe transaction. I in fact liked that the radio has extra-long 9' super flexible microphone cord. Additional features consist of black wire mesh grille. How to buy the K40 Antennasaccessories 4PIN Noise . To learn more about this CB part, click on the link on this site.

Just how can buy the best K40 Antennas&accessories 4-PIN Noise? antennasaccessories noise cancelling chrome edition radio

Discount Price: $21.99
Brand:K40 Antennas & Accessories

Rugged ABS Chrome-Look Housing. Pre-Wired 4-Pin Plug. Reinforced Strain Relief.

  • Premium Noise-Canceling Cartridge Reduces Wind Engine and Background Noise.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Built to Strict K40 Specifications.
  • Extra-Long 9' Super Flexible Microphone Cord.
  • 4-Pin Noise Cancelling Chrome Edition CB Radio Microphone.
  • Black Wire Mesh Grille.
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