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Icom HM-133V Remote Control Microphone

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HM133V Remote Control Microphone


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In the market for parts for the radios? Look into the HM-133V Remote Control Microphone , a great CB part by Icom. HM-133V Remote Control Microphone is definitely an instance of high quality product you can find on the internet. If you're looking to acquire this CB part, you've come to the best place. We supply you special discount rates with this excellent product with safe financial transaction. I'm sure you will love that the radio comes with this feature of full remote control microphone with keypad lighting. Additional features include modular plug for ic-2200h or ic-v8000. Searching for HM-133V Remote Control Microphone . If you need a good deal on this radio for your CB radio, visit our store add to shopping cart button.

ASIN: B003089IDY

ICOM HM-133V Remote Control Microphone (Full remote control microphone with keypad lighting. Supplied with some versions) Remote backlit DTMF hand microphone. Modular plug for IC-2200H or IC-V8000.


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